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For Professionals

As caring professionals we are called upon to help families, children and young adults build upon their strengths and experiences as well as meet needs, overcome challenges and develop their fullest potential.

In order to be effective and supportive partners and allies, it is critical for us to see beyond the need, problem or disability and look at the whole person. We must communicate in a timely and effective way and be able to educate them and ourselves about issues and community resources that can make a difference in their lives. We must have reliable resources at our fingertips. is an easy-to-use, reliable reference and referral resource that you can use immediately to:

Discover Answers to questions or concerns about

  • Disability and chronic illnesses
  • Community-based health, social services and education
  • Age-related issues and concerns, from birth through adulthood
  • Resources to help inform, strengthen and support families, children and young adults (prenatal through age 25)
  • Family engagement, parent leadership and advocacy
  • Keeping up-to-date with new information

Make Connections in your community to

  • health, social service and education organizations and professionals
  • support networks for families, children and young adults
  • educational events for families, young adults, and professionals

Find Hope for today and look forward to tomorrow with greater confidence, support and expectation.

Gain Strength through access to learning, training, advocacy and support.

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